& group coaching

Mojo offers both group and one-to-one sessions for all your triathlon needs


Bring your friends, your tri club, or come on your own. I cant wait to help you get the most out of your session, and catapult your skills to the next level!! 

My coaching style is professional, nurturing and fun. Written follow ups to every session included.

So if you have a training need, a session in mind or a skill to refine, contact Lou details, locations and how we can help you achieve your triathlon goals.

Cost is £30 per hour (or see our Merry Mojo Box for a special offer including the famous Mojo Hoodie)

Popular sessions include:

* Swim technique with video analysis

* Run technique plus video analysis 

* Cycling hills, gaining 'free speed', bike to run skills

* Transition Skills- How to Speed up your T1 and T2 

* Specific dietary advice

* Goal setting for the season

* How to stay motivated and organised

* Travelling/racing abroad 

* Ladies: Working with your hormones, specific peri or post menopause training advice

All of these sessions can be 1 or 2 hours each, and they can be combined (ie 1 hour run technique and 1 hour goal setting)

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