whats this?


The Mojo 5k has now been running (excuse the pun) throughout our rather strange times of lockdown, and still continues for the forseeable future


Its has:

- provided people with a chance to start running/walking when they didn’t before

- Helped people work on some faster running in their week

- to stay focussed

- be accountable to someone

- Feel motivated


Overall its given people the chance to Unleash their Mojo when life has been turned a little upsidedown!!


How to take part


The 5k is a FREE weekly run/walk. You simply find yourself a route you like, take part at the weekend when you have time


Afterwards you send your time to Mojo by clicking this button before 6pm on sunday evening

The results will be up on the website and social media shortly afterwards. There will be a little prize for various challenges, which will appear on facebook, instagram and the website that week. 


Absolutely ANYONE can take part, from anywhere in the world.


We cant wait to hear from you.


Any questions please just ask lou@unleashyourmojo.co.uk  

Lou x

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