Online coaching

  • Are you planning on competing or completing a triathlon (or swim, bike or run event) in 202?

  • Are you looking for a coach who will offer a bespoke training plan for you, tailored to your lifestyle, experience and upcoming event/s?

  • Do you want to have regular communication with a coach who can help when you need it most?

Working with a coach may not be something you have thought about previously. It may be a lifestyle issue that you don’t feel your coach will be able to work with or around. It may be a confidence issue (if I had a penny for the amount of times someone said ‘I'm not good enough yet!’) It may be a cost issue with the investment already made into your sport.

I like to think at Mojo we have thought about all these things. But if you still aren’t sure, find out more by clicking below, or arrange a call with Lou to discuss your needs. 


To make the most out of having a coach you need to commit to it, so ensuring coaching/Mojo is 100% right for you is the first and most important step to make.

I look forward to speaking with you, Lou x

Triathlon coach