Online coaching

  • Are you planning on competing or completing a triathlon (or swim, bike or run event) in 202?

  • Are you looking for a coach who will offer a bespoke training plan for you, tailored to your lifestyle, experience and upcoming event/s?

  • Do you want to have regular communication with a coach who can help when you need it most?

Working with a coach may not be something you have thought about previously. It may be a lifestyle issue that you don’t feel your coach will be able to work with or around. It may be a confidence issue (if I had a penny for the amount of times someone said ‘I'm not good enough yet!’) It may be a cost issue with the investment already made into your sport.

I like to think at Mojo we have thought about all these things. But if you still aren’t sure, why not contact Lou for a free call or meeting to discuss your thoughts, then we can decide together. To make the most out of having a coach you need to commit to it, so ensuring coaching/Mojo is 100% right for you is the first and most important step to make.

What do I get?


Experienced coach:

Lou is based in North Devon but can work with athletes outside of this area via an online coaching plan and any preferred methods of communication ie Zoom, email, phone etc

Initial one to one consultation:

To discuss your needs, race ideas/entries, experience and most importantly your lifestyle so we can work together on how tri will fit into your life. 

Detailed Annual Training Plan:

Split into bite size chunks to work towards your events, ensuring you peak and recover at the appropriate times 

Free premium Training Peaks account:

An online coaching platform to help you and I track your progress and communicate about your sessions (don’t be put off, its easy to use and you will get lots of help with it)

Weekly (sometimes daily) communication about your training plan:

This is where Mojo sets itself apart from the rest. We love being in touch with you. We offer consistent feedback on your sessions, opportunities to be flexible around your lifestyle, and last minute changes (because we all know things change).  We also arrange calls twice a month to discuss your training. 

Special Offers


  • FREE Mojo technical t-shirt or vest

  • 5% off all Mojo kit

  • 5% off all Mojo Training Camps (Majorca & North Devon)

What's Next?

Why not call Lou for an informal chat about your training/races. No obligations, just chance to explore options. Lou will be honest, and let you know if Mojo coaching is for you, or signpost to alternative & more suited coaching for your needs. 

Please note:

- £50 one off set up fee.

- There are limited slots available for this one-to-one coaching to ensure athletes get quality coaching, so there may be a waiting list. 


 per month