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2021 Triathlon Goals & Poop Sandwiches

"You have to choose which poop sandwich you are prepared to eat….."

No I haven't gone completely mad, although it has been a rather comfy off season this past few weeks, so maybe the rest has gone to my head!!!

In a recent interview I saw with the amazingly talented and wise Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Prey Love, she said to be truly happy in your chosen goals you need to choose which poop sandwich you are prepared to eat.

The message was clear. It doesn’t matter what goal you have set yourself, in this context of triathlon it could be to train for an Ironman, complete your first Go Tri, run your first half marathon, or swim front crawl, you have to be comfortable in the knowledge they all come with some pretty harsh realities, and at times it will suck!!!!

There's early dark cold mornings. Your wrapped up in bed and the alarm goes off, its time to jump into a tepid pool with bright lights for a 2k swim? Erm, not everyone’s cup of tea!

Then there's the merry-go-round of what food you are meant to be eating. Did you bring lunch to work, are you eating enough, too much, the right thing, should you have more coffee, will it affect your 8pm bed time?? #rockandroll

Can you even afford a coffee anyway as the bike needs servicing, again, and there's a new gadget that your mate’s got and its meant to make you faster, meaning you don’t need to get up so early and train, but hang on you’ve seen on Instagram your mates been out training already today so you need to go too….. and on it goes.

These can be just some of the poop sandwiches that you may need to prepare to swallow to achieve your tri goals. And there are many more I can assure you!

But then there is a ray of light, ever so slightly glimmering through, like a pb 100m in the pool, you’ve gotten round a 5k without walking, you hit that magic top speed on your bike, or you finally tackle and win a puncture, on your own, and it works 😊 Oh the smugness!

When you get to Christmas and your favourite dress fits, when you chat all the way up a hill you struggled to tackle this time last year. The high points may not be plentiful, but they are oh so sweet when they happen. But are they worth it?

That’s something only you can decide.

The world has thrown us a fairly sizable poop sandwich recently and we have all dealt with it differently in terms of training and racing. So at this point in the season it may be worth asking yourself the questions; what are my goals for 2021, and are they worth it?

Some of you may say its not. We choose not to eat poop sandwiches sometimes and that’s fine. But if you think it is worth the early mornings, the consistency, the uncomfortableness that will undoubtedly come with a winter training regime, then I wish you all the luck, and cant wait to see you on the other side, fighting fit and raring to Unleash Your 2021 😊

To help you plan your 2021 tri goals we have designed a FREE download to help you. Head to the website Home Page for more info .. https://www.unleashyourmojo.co.uk/

Lou x

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