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Kickstart your triathlon season NOW...

- Struggling with inspiration for races next year?

- Overwhelmed at how many races there are and can’t choose?

- Want to do your first swim/bike/run/tri challenge but you just can’t commit

Here are some helpful pointers, starting with one KEY DECISION that will underpin everything you do next year:


Thinking is all well and good, but its only when you take action that inspiration can flow.

Have you ever sat and thought about something for so long its started to annoy even you? Have you ever got so sick and tired of getting in your own way? The cure for this, to get laser focused, is to JUST START.

So here are 5 ways you can TAKE ACTION towards finding inspiration for next season:

1) Create your goals then WRITE IT DOWN. To help, download your free Unleash your 2021 guide…… Write down your goals, who can help you, what won’t help you, your winter training plan etc. Only take one evening to complete this, do not get stuck on it.

2) Focus on the BIG STUFF. What 3 things will help you THE MOST and focus on just those. It’s easier to keep motivated when you have 3, not 100 things on your mind all the time. Triathlon can be a mind bender but keep it simple. For me, this winter is all about;

- Strength and conditioning

- Position on the bike

- Refueling after sessions

Simples!! Just 3 things to focus on that will move me forward. Then its about having the self-discipline to stick to them, on rinse and repeat. As Robin Sharma eloquently said “Consistency is the Mother of Mastery”

3) SELF DISCIPLINE - What do all successful triathletes have in common? They have a training plan! Find a training plan and/or coach, one you can connect with, and settle into it. Consistency raises its head again, and I'm not going to stop saying it!!! Try and get started this side of the New Year. After all, triathletes are made in the winter 😊

4) WHERE AM I LOSING TIME? Ever said “But life keeps getting in the way, I can’t stick to a plan”. We have all said it, for sure we lead busy lives. So find out where you are losing time. Set an alarm every hour for 2 days. At each alarm briefly write down how you have filled the last hour, working out where you are losing time. Then address it. Its very likely its being lost getting distracted from The BIG STUFF by focusing on the small stuff. It’s a powerful task, get started today…

4) GO ALL IN. Commit commit commit to this. Where focus goes, energy flows, so lets do it!!

So you can see, all it takes is to get started. If you would like help with any of the above pointers, feel free to contact me on lou@unleashyourmojo.co.uk, AND don’t forget to subscribe to more regular doses of action and inspiration here:

Have a fab week y’all, train safe and see you next time when we look at practical ways to find more time in your day!!!

What's not to love??

Lou x

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