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Hello triathletes,

Im sure your inbox is flooded with messages about Covid-19 but I wanted to let you know that Mojo is here for you to help you through these uncertain times with a bit of triathlon fun :)

Here are a couple of thoughts from Mojo to help you along the way:

  1. DON'T beat yourself up if you don't feel like doing a session, or if you don't hit your power and heartrate goals, or if you simply stay in bed for another 30 mins. Be kind to yourself.

  2. DON'T give up on exercise. I know many of us see training as a way of life, something we 'just do', to get to a race or challenge in our best shape. But it is also (and more importantly right now) simply exercise! So don't lose your Mojo, stay fit and healthy, and you will be stronger and more immune as a result.

  3. MAKE new goals. Maybe try some new homemade energy bar recipes. Or sign up to Zwift. Or try a new yoga video on YouTube. Perhaps practice changing a tyre. Or give your bike a really good clean its been deserving all winter!!

  4. DO something different. Plant some flowers or seeds in the garden. Go for a huge walk somewhere youve never been. Help a neighbour, take a dog for a walk. The change could be so refreshing. Once you are back to training for a race, this may not be possible.

  5. READ a book, listen to a book, learn a new aspect of tri. When this is over, you won't have time for all that, you will be too busy zooming up and down the pool!!!

  6. SCRAPBOOK: If youre anything like me, you have a jam packed 'memory drawer' full of race numbers, medals, photos, and wrist tags from previous races. Start a scrapbook. It doesnt need to be fancy. Remember how blooming baddass you were getting down that finish line, collecting that medal, and plan some races that are on your bucket list. Before you know it you will be back there again making new memories, and filing up that drawer again!

AND for now, being badass means staying safe & keeping others safe. So lets all make that our No1 Priority!!!

I want to reiterate- am here for you if you have any questions at all. Or even if you want a call and a chat.

Mojo offers several services that you may wish to consider, detailed below. Or simply follow us on Instgram, Facebook and Twitter, and try to Unleash Your Mojo just a little each day :)

One to One Coaching Clients:

I work with some fab athletes on a weekly basis, writing and updating their training plans and working around their unique lifestyle, which is currently ever changing. I really love seeing how well Mojo athletes are getting on with staying active and positive at this time.

Short Term Plans:

I can offer you a really short term plan to get you through this transitional period until we return to some normality. We are super flexible and can adapt to your own unique needs & time frames. You will also have access to any Online Sessions....

Online Sessions

I would love to offer short talks and discussions on a variety of tri related topics during this period via an online group . These could include:

  1. -Transition Training - hints and tips

  2. - Nutrition for racing- some suggestions for race day

  3. - Race set up - Your kit and You

  4. - Race choices - how to choose which one is right for you

  5. - Travelling abroad with/out your bike

  6. - Hormones and Triathlon- Implications for female triathletes, incl menopause, menstruation, diet and recovery

Please comment at the end of this blog if you are interested in some Online Sessions.

The aim will be to learn something new, start a discussion you can all join in, and most of all, have FUN :)

Running Video Analysis:

Send me a 1 minute long video of you running (taken with a mobile phone is fine) and I will get back to you with suggestions on how to improve your run.

As a starter, in light of the recent announcements about pools and leisure centres closing, I have popped a link to some nice, gentle strength and dry land swimming exercises.





Its a tough time. Please stay positive, we will get through this and come out even more eager for triathlon training and racing than ever. Its ok to be sad about cancelled races, lack of training buddies and sessions being cancelled. But dont forget:

You can control a LOT of your exercise and training so lets start with that :)

Take care, try and have a nice relaxing weekend, and BE KIND

Lou x

Lou Harris Head Coach and Founder Mojo

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