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Let's Get Organised: Triathlon Kit Lists & more #Iheartlists

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Its later than planned, but welcome to 2020’s brief yet exciting race season !!!!!

Some of you will have been away from racing for quite some time, some of you wont get chance to race this year or choose not to, and some of you have turned to autumn duathlons and running races for your fix of competition.

Whether for this year’s races or for years to come, I wanted to help you out with one of my favourite topics….. LISTING!!

Whenever I go on a roadtrip with my hubby, after we have stopped for take away coffee, my next question is always “shall we write a list?” Sound odd?? Well I guess it does when I write it now. But the feeling of writing a list makes me excited and calm at the same time. Its about getting your ducks lined up. Oddly it doesn’t even matter what the topic is, it just feels like you are getting things out of your head and onto paper so you no longer need to worry about it.

So how can this be useful in tri? Well for 2 reasons really when it comes to race day;

- Kit list- HOW much stuff do you need to remember as a triathlete? Answer: a lot!

- Race Morning- You need a Project management degree to remember each aspect of racing tri, where to be and when. Even experienced triathletes forget at least one thing.

So to stop worrying for days before an event if you’ve remembered everything, just use a list. And to stop worrying about what time to wake up on race day, when do you eat your delicious early morning porridge…. just follow a list!

You have your race time well before an event. So lets get organised and once its out of your head and onto paper, you will feel much more relaxed. Afterall, who wants to expend energy before a race stressing about these things?

Lets save the energy for when the gun goes off, and for enjoying your day out....

As a friend and great coach once said to me "DO something about the things you can change, DON’T worry about the things you cant. Well, you CAN change pre race faffing by being more organised so LETS CHANGE THIS NOW...

Ive created not one but 2 lists for you, of course, because its my most favourite thing to do!!! 😉 But I really hope you find it useful. There is a kit list that you can run through and tick each time you do a race.

Note: if you are racing on Sunday, do this on the Wednesday. Plenty of time to get those last minute bits and get it all ticked off

(This list is for racing in your own country. There will be another kit list coming out as part of the Mojo Overseas Racing focus in the coming months….)

The second list is for race morning. Once you get your race time, start to work out what time you want to get up, get breakfast, get to the venue, etc etc. Don’t leave this too late, again if you do this on the Wednesday for a Sunday race, you will be much more relaxed, organised and your family and friends will also know your schedule..so they can plan their, erm, sightseeing!!

Thankyou for reading and lots of luck to everyone racing these coming months and beyond.

To down loadyour FREE Kit List and Race Morning List head to the Mojo website home page:


As always if you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to get in touch

See y'all soon,

Lou x

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